Model:Microscope Slides: TLI Prepared Slide Set TLI-A03


TLI Slides are economically priced slide sets for primary and secondary education. Set TLI-A03 contains twenty five slides from Animal anatomy.


  • Loose Connective Tissue.
  • Spinal Cord Cross Section.
  • Motor Nerve Ending.
  • Stomach Mammal Section.
  • Kidney Cross Section.
  • Artery and Vein Cross Section.
  • Blood Vessel of Lung.
  • Blood Vessel of Kidney.
  • Taste Bud.
  • Mouth Smear.
  • Human Sperm Smear.
  • Mitosis of Animal Cell.
  • Hydra thru Testis Cross Section.
  • Hydra thru Ovary Cross Section.
  • Hydra with Bud.
  • Fern Prothalium.
  • Zea Mays Seed.
  • Spirogyra
  • Lung Mammal.
  • Colon Mammal.
  • Trachea Mammal.
  • Pancreas Mammal.
  • Uterus Mammal.
  • Spleen Mammal.
  • Onion Root Tips.

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